Our Story & Our Team

The Seed of an Idea

Our story began at a job site, much like any other. Jonathan and Paul, both subcontracted for another company, were working tirelessly, each with a deep respect for the other's craftsmanship and dedication. Amidst the day's work, a conversation sparked, revealing a shared observation: Adelaide was in dire need of reliable tree removal services, delivered by skilled tradesmen who genuinely cared.

Fueled by this realisation and their complementary skills, Jonathan and Paul decided to branch out together. They envisioned a company that wouldn't just offer tree services, but would set new standards in quality, reliability, and customer care.

Treetech 2018

Growth Rings: Our Journey of Expansion

Starting with just the two of them, the team has since flourished to over 20 dedicated professionals in just five years. This growth isn't just in numbers; it reflects our expanding capabilities and the broadening of our horizons from serving residential clients to managing significant commercial projects.

Our mission has always been to keep the properties and streets of Adelaide safe and aesthetically pleasing. We understand the importance of trees in our urban landscape, and our work ensures they remain a source of beauty, not a hazard.

The Proof is in the Praise

What truly sets us apart isn't just our skill set or our growth story; it's the consistent recognition from those we serve. With over 170 glowing 5-star reviews, our clients' satisfaction speaks volumes. Each review is a story of a job well done, a hazard averted, or a landscape beautified. They are the true testament to the service level we've achieved and our commitment to the community.


Our Promise to You

As we continue to grow and serve the diverse needs of Adelaide's residential and commercial sectors, our promise remains the same: to provide unmatched expertise, unwavering dedication to safety, and exceptional customer service.

Join us in our journey as we continue to shape Adelaide's landscape, one tree at a time.