Tree Removal

Tree removal also called tree felling, is generally carried out as a last result when spraying, pruning or lopping has failed or is not deemed as an effective option. It’s better to remove a hazardous tree before any damage is done.

Big trees with deep, large roots can cause severe damage if they are not removed by experienced specialists.

Trees that grow close to your house or other structures on your property, even trees that are not overly big can have consequences that involve expensive repairing if you try to cut them down without having the right experience.


Tree Lopping

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to remove the whole tree, we can save a tree by just lopping off the damaged or dangerous branches. For example, if a tree has been only partially damaged by a lightning strike, or if only a few branches are causing problems.

However, not all trees respond well to lopping. There is a risk that the tree could suffer further damage and possibly die. A tree’s recovery from lopping is dependent upon the species of tree, its age, and its health. We can advise you which option, tree removal or tree lopping would best suit your tree following an on-site inspection.



Tree trimming is a great idea if you want to regain control of your overgrown trees that may be spoiling views from your windows or that just simply look messy. A trim to either your hedge or tree will dramatically improve the appearance of your yard.

Proper pruning is essential to maintain the health, structural integrity and aesthetics of your trees. It is also important to keep trees clear of power lines to prevent injury to people and damage to property.



Stump grinding is the removal of the tree stump using a grinder that essentially mills the tree stump into small chips. This is done after a tree has been lopped and where only the stump remains. It is easier, simpler and safer than trying to dig around the stump and remove it that way. It is also environmentally friendly, as usually the chips can be reused as mulch or firewood depending on the shape, size and type of tree.


Emergency Service - Storm Damage & Hazardous Tree Removal

We prioritise storm damage jobs because unexpected and violent storms can cause serious damage to your trees and property.